You can find on this page the Tokyo tram map to print and to download in PDF. The Tokyo trams map presents the network, zones, stations and different lines of the tramway of Tokyo in Japan.

Tokyo tramway map

Map of Tokyo trams

The Tokyo tram map shows all the stations and lines of the Tokyo tramways. This tramway map of Tokyo will allow you to easily plan your routes in the trams of Tokyo in Japan. The Tokyo tram map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The Tokyo Toden (東京都電 Tōkyō Toden?) or simply Toden, is the tramway network of Tokyo, Japan. Of all its former routes, only one, the Toden Arakawa Line, remains in service as its shown in Tokyo tramway map. The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation operates the Toden tramway. The formal legal name is Tokyo-to Densha. Its nickname, "Toden," distinguished it from the "Kokuden" (electrified lines of the Japanese National Railways).

Tokyo Sakura Tramway (Toden Arakawa Line) is the only Toden tram line left in Tokyo as you can see in Tokyo tramway map. Tokyo tramway runs from Minowabashi Station to Waseda Station (12.2 km / 30 stations as shown on map. Tokyo Sakura Tramway is the new nickname for the tramway line of Tokyo from 2017.

“Sakura Tramway” It is the nickname for the Toden Arakawa Line, one of only two tramway lines serving the massive metropolis as its mentioned in Tokyo tramway map. It runs along Tokyo north, from Waseda Station via Ikebukuro, Sugamo, and Arakawa before arriving at Minowabashi. The tramway takes you through idyllic alleys and along residential quarters, showing you an entirely different side of Tokyo that you had see if you gazed out of the windows of, say, the Yamanote Line.